Cement fiber siding has become a very popular choice for the exterior of residential homes in the past 20 plus years. It surfaced back in the late 80’s and has become pretty much the standard for siding on new homes or re-siding an existing home. Long transferrable warranties and extreme durability has made it the go to choice. James Hardie started it all with Hardie Plank which is an 8’’ horizontal lap siding product made up of cement fibers and a cilica base. Other manufacturers surfaced later offering basically the same product with a different base. Certainteed and Nichiha are two of the more popular alternatives. The horizontal lap sidings come both smooth and with a woodgrain texture with a beaded edge or square edge.

Many homes still have the original siding from the late 80’s and back. Masonite and waferboard siding were the two most commonly used and in most cases are breaking down from age and not dealing too well with moisture. Having your siding replaced with cement fiber siding is an excellent investment and selling feature if you are trying to sell. Also made in cement fiber are the exterior trim boards needed to complete the installation of new siding. Corner boards are the most commonly used but more people are having their soffit and fascia replaced with cement fiber products. The beauty of this is that with a good high quality paint job you should be able to go 7-12 yrs between paint jobs. Another benefit of replacing your siding is that house wrap is installed underneath and really helps to cut down on air leaks and draftiness. It also provides a moisture barrier.

We blind nail cement fiber siding which means each piece is nailed at the top and the bottom of the next piece covers the nails so you don’t see nailheads everywhere. It is a much cleaner look and is the manufacturers recommended fastening method. The new cement fiber products come with a factory sprayed primer coating so only two coats of a high quality latex paint are all that’s needed. As a cheap insurance policy we also like to use a urethanized caulk that stays flexible and moves as the house moves and will not crack. To keep your siding looking good simply have it pressure washed every couple years.  If you are considering exterior repairs or remodeling you can’t go wrong with cement fiber siding, it’s low maintenance and high durability !!

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