I felt compelled to write this article after hearing so many horror stories of how people have been treated by contractors. It completely blows my mind when I hear some of the stories ranging from contractors taking their money and disappearing, to very low quality work and a complete lack of customer service. In an industry where clients can refer you to friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc. it’s staggering to consider treating a client anything less than the best on every level. This should be an afterthought to the basic principles of integrity, courtesy, respect and reliability that every client deserves from a professional contractor. So I am going to describe how I think  clients and their property should be treated:

It all starts with the contract or work agreement. This should be a detailed, concise and written scope of work upon which the price is based. If there are parts of the job that are not able to be priced prior to discovery, this should be noted on the contract. Too many contractors take clients for a ride with these hidden extras that are found during a project. I always notify the client as soon as any hidden work or damage is found, and the price can then be fairly discussed so there isn’t a big unexpected invoice at the end of a job with an obligatory “sorry” and a shrug from the contractor

I have found in my years of contracting that how clean the contractor’s crew leaves the jobsite or work area at the end of each work day is just as important as the quality of the work. If the client comes home from work to find a sloppy, messy work area(especially interior work) this can be very stressful. But if clients leave their home each day and know it will be clean and in order when they return home, this  makes for a healthy client/contractor relationship.

Good communication throughout the process is also very important, regardless of whether it is a one-day job or a four- week project. Your contractor should keep you posted of sub-contractor scheduling delays,  special order materials and all general information. In my opinion a true professional will show his character when adversity arises on the project , and believe me ,  it will. Home repair or remodeling is far from a trouble -free process. It can be fairly painless,  though , if managed by an experienced professional contractor.

Your contractor should also return your phone calls or emails within a reasonable period of time. Little things like calling when you say you will are huge. In summary, your contractor should treat you like he would want to be treated and treat your home and property as if it were his. I can’t stress enough the importance of getting references from folks who have actually done business with the contractor prior to signing anything or handing over any checks.

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